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Glass producing plant OsOO “Interglass” is located in the industrial area of Tokmok city.

15 production buildings are situated on the territory of the plant.

The owner of the enterprise is German Company Steinert Industries GmbH.

Within the period from 2000 till 2002 construction and repair works, modernization of the main production line, engineering re-equipment and renewal of basic assets were conducted under the project of German company “Glasinvest” with participation of its best specialists.  All this provided possibility to achieve effective results and greatly improve the level of production.

Glass producing plant ”Interglass” is a modern enterprise manufacturing high-quality production, conforming world standards.

One of the primary objectives of the plant is to supply flat glass to the countries of Central Asian region and cities of Siberia, broaden the glass market entering to the markets of other Asian countries.

High quality is result of introduction of advanced technologies.



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