Opening of branch in Almaty


Dear Sirs!

Glass producing plant OsOO “Interglass” – the largest manufacturer of float glass in Central Asia, expresses its respect to you and is pleased to announce the opening of its branch in Almaty.

The purpose of opening of our branch is creation of the most convenient and favorable conditions for all glassconsumers, both processorsand traders.

Sometime ago, the consumers, interested in cooperation with our plant directly, were limited by the size of the minimal selling consignment of goods, equals to one wagon.

This was due not so much to the lack of funds, but rather with the inconvenience of possession of infrastructure required for wagoncollection (own railroad dock, warehouse, available loader etc.).With the opening of a branch of our plant, anyone can purchase a required volume of glass directly from the plant without any difficulties and inconvenience.

Here you can buy or order any of the following:

4 mm:2600х1800; 1605х2550;3210х2550;3210х2250

5 mm:2600х1800;3210х2250;3210х2550;3600х2600

6 mm:2600х1800;3210х2250

8 mm:2600х1800;3210х2550;3600х2600

10 mm: 2600х1800

Upon request, the price shall be granted on the basis of a duly completed preliminary application (seeattached).

We are ready to provide a solid base for the development of your business!

All enquiries should be addressed to:

Tel:    +7 727 252 75 90

DmitriyZimin (retail): mob.+7 771 780 77 80.

VladislavNeupokoev (wholesale): mob.+7 771 780 77 87; +7 777 190 8030; +7 707 851 9240.

skype: vladislav_neupokoev

Address:170G, SuyunbayAvenue, Almaty, 050030

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