The Russian market accepts INTERGLASS glass


The first batches of M1 glass produced at INTERGLASS plant (Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan) arrived at the glass processing plants in Russia.

According to the results of acceptance and processing of the first batches the consumers had the undivided opinion: the quality of the glass is high, they are ready to purchase the further batches.

Favourable reviews were given to the breakage-free delivery of the glass, dry dense polyethylene package, reliable and convenient when unloading construction of the boxes, high transparency and clearness of the glass, and the main, light straight cut, mentioned almost by all line operators. “The glass is clear, clean, it is even does not need washing”, “The glass is perfect, cutters liked it, soft, breaking off evenly”, “Looking forward the coming wagons”- repeat almost word for word companies from Siberia, Ural, Volga region.

For the consumers who got used to more affordable glass, the high quality of the first supplied glass from Kyrgyzstan was a pleasant surprise; furthermore, it met the expectations of those who have been dealing with the brand glass for a long time.

Thus, the first reviews of Russian companies prove that INTERGLASS M1 glass is produced at the level of world manufacturers in full conformance with the project of German engineering Company HORN.