Assortment of the float glass plant “INTERGLASS” is expended


Float glass plant “INTERGLASS” has launched new sizes of sheet glass M1 4 mm since 1st of October: large size – 3600 mm x 2600 mm and average size –  2600 mm x 1800 mm.

Size 2600 mm x 1800 mm is quite popular in Russian market and the near abroad among consumers of medium size. New size on the market – 3600 mm x 2600 mm allows optimizing cutting of glass under a standard size of glass and minimizing remains of “trim”.

Thus, it is possible to buy on the plant “INTERGLASS” M1 4mm of such formats as 3600 x 2600, 3210 x 2550, 2550 x 1605, 2600 x 1800.

Production of a thicknesses range will begin in near future: consumers will be able to purchase a line of glass from 2.5 to 12 mm. It is planned to launch the production of mirror with a silver covering in November 2012.