• Float glass

    Float glass

    The plant manufactures the flat glass through the method of thermal formation on molten tin. (float method). Thermally polished glass is characterized by uniform thickness, very high quality of surfaces and absence of optical distortions. This process makes it possible to give the glass all necessary properties even at the stage of production.

  • Silvered mirror

    Silvered mirror

    Opening of the silver mirror plant was 11th of August, 2006 within implementation of the joint project of «Steinert Industries» and EBRD for countries of early transition period on the territory of LLC «Interglass»…

  • Triplex


    Laminated Glass (triplex) is architectural glass consisting of two or more glasses laminated together with a film. Depending on the parameters of the films applied the multifunctional properties of the triplex can be achieved…

  • Bullet-resistant glass

    Bullet-resistant glass

    “Interglass” offers bullet-resistant glass of three protection classes – 28, 34 and 70 mm. glass – produced using the equipment by European manufacturers and applying methods unique in Central Asia and Kazakhstan…