Silvered mirror

Opening of the silver mirror plant was 11th of August, 2006 within implementation of the joint project of «Steinert Industries» and EBRD for countries of early transition period on the territory of LLC «Interglass».

Peculiarities and advantages of  Interglass-Mirror:

- perfect quality of reflection;

- humidity and hostile environment resistance (moisture, thermal gradient, oxidation);

- seven times more resistant than such aggressive agents as ammonia  derivatives and aerosol constituents;

- resistant to appearance of «cloud» defect, typical for ordinary mirrors, resulting from oxidation of lead contained in the protective material;

- resistant to pitting;

- compatible with all types of glue;

- mirror cover based on silver and lead-free protective varnish;

- do not tarnish with time;

- has excellent resistibility to edge corrosion and beads on the protective material after cutting;

Production of mirrors Interglass-Mirror does not involve lead that makes their production and application environmentally friendly.  A new technology applied by “Interglass” company allowed to refuse usage of these toxic components in the production process and improve wear-resistance and reflection power of the mirrors. The technology is based on special treatment of the silver cover allowing not to add toxic components into anticorrosion primers.

Interglass Mirrror:

Thickness: 3,0 — 6,0 mm

Colour: clear silver

Dimensions: 1605х2300/2500/2750, 1600х1300, 2250х3210

Packing: wooden, non-returnable

Application: walls; columns; panels; shop-windows; sliding-door wardrobe; in the interior of houses, offices, studios, shops, hotels, restaurants…